Why Bundeli Bakhri?

Situated Close to Panna Tiger Reserve Madla Gate and huddled in the loving embrace of Mahua trees and singing peacocks, Bundeli Bakhri takes the Bundeli cultural experience to an epic level and retains an old world charm and atmosphere.

Bundeli Bakhri is just 20km away from the Khajuraho Airport and a short 2km hop, skip and jump away from the entrance gate to the mighty Panna National reserve. For driving enthusiasts, the 650km from Delhi will fly by in a breeze. We are located in a little village on the River Ken, called Toria Tek. 

Vacations should be about experiencing the new, about adventure and about trying out unknown cuisines. An experience should stay with you long after it is over, like the aftertaste of a brilliant chocolate! And sometimes, a luxurious hotel, or plush rugs, or dazzling chandeliers or a gourmet deconstructed meal are just not enough. The traveler soul craves more. It wants to falls in love, not be stunned or overawed. Sometimes it wants petrichore to fill its nostrils and not an exotic perfume. And it is with exactly that aim in mind that we decided to set up something that was different from the usual. We wanted a place that serviced the traveller who had shunned the cookie cutter holiday model and was game to try something new.

What if we told you that we could show you a snapshot of the centuries old Bundeli culture in a few hours? What if we promised you a delectable meal made using age old, forgotten tribal recipes? What if we let you try your hand at a craft that formed a pivotal part of an ancient culture? What if we promised you an experience thats beyond everything you’ve tried before?

Our philosophy reflects the charm of the village so if a tranquil setting and atmosphere is what you are looking for, this is the place for you! You’ve seen all this piecemeal - a song here, a dance there and ladies adorned in brilliant colours. But you wouldn’t have seen it all in one place. Bundeli Bakhri promises to be a hub for the romantics and the ardent travellers alike.

We have always been one of the focal points of the village and so we try and cater to everyone alike, from cyclists and walkers looking for a reviving snack to families and students on the go, to people looking for great authentic local food using local produce. We strive very hard to ensure that our produce is fresh and locally sourced to support the local community and have built a reputation for truly special freshly prepared Badis, that are also available to take away!

Arriving at Bundeli Bakhri - A heartwarming welcome!

The first thing you’ll notice as you enter is the many vivid colours of the attire, the bright odhnais strongly contrasting with the greens and browns of the landscape.You’ve seen pictures of them – ladies adorned with the brilliant red, blue and purple patterns of the lehnga - cholis they wear. The men with their turbans, tall and proud. These are village folks who live in small mud-thatched handmade huts, surrounded by their cattle and smaller livestock. Adding to this riot of colour is the antique silver they wear – necklaces, bracelets and amulets – worn by the women and men. Prepare to be dazzled by the Badhaiya, a popular ceremonial dance that is performed during auspicious ceremonies or while welcoming guests. With rhythm and  graceful movements, they greet visitors into their fold.

The documentary

A highlight of your arrival at Bundeli Bakhri will be the documentary that will be shown to you, showcasing our beautiful state and its wondrous culture. From learning about the rich history of Madhya Pradesh to a glimpse into its ancient culture, you’ll see it all. The documentary aims to make the experience at the resort a complete one. When we set up Bundeli Bakhri, one of the chief aims was to introduce a forgotten but rich world to the travellers and tourists who came this way. While most visit Panna National Reserve and Khajuraho, hardly anyone got a glimpse into the teeming and exquisite village life of Bundelkhand.

We also have a well stocked library with books on varied subjects, including many on Bundelkhand and its history. We at Bundeli Bakhri believe in recycling, and hence, a lot of these books are donated and gifted to us by our esteemed guests. If you like or have some books to spare, we would happily and proudly make them a part of our library, carrying forward the age old tradition of passing on knowledge.

Music and Dance

You will get to experience the villagers singing and dancing… and you might even be able to join in! The Bundelis are known for their soulful singing. Perhaps their most widely known dance is the Raai. Raai refers to a mustard seed, which when thrown in a thaali, dances about in gay abandon. Dancers emulate the seed and dance in a similar fashion. In the Raai, the competition is between the beats of the drum and foot steps of the dancer. Our guests are welcome to join in the dancing fun!

The Art Stop

We have tried to bring to the fore, the immense talent and skill of the Bundeli people. And the best ideas for that came from the locals themselves. The villages who helped build Bundeli Bakhri suggested that we have a wall with photographs from Bundelkhand and also our own journey in building this place to match what we had seen in those photographs. The construction and building of this Bakhri was a beautiful journey of learning and amazement, and that is what we have attempted to show through the Art Wall.

In our attempt to encourage local artisans and craftspeople to continue their amazing work, we have live demonstrations of basket weaving and pottery at the Bakhri where visitors can see and purchase beautiful baskets and artefacts being made right in front of their eyes. The indigenous peoples of this region, are particularly renowned for their unique basket weaving techniques.If you so desire, you can also try your hand at the craft and we promise you, you’ll go back a different person!

Let’s play!

At Bundeli Bakhri, we are deeply in love with everything ancient and old, everything that invokes nostalgia and fills the heart with warmth. Like old Indian games. Remember Kancha or Gilli-Danda or Lagori (pitthu)? We’ve brought to life here, the magic of these childhood games for our visitors. You can join us, or others travelling with you and relive the olden days!

Tired of playing? We have the perfect place for you to put your feet up. Come rest a while on our ‘Khaats’ or local handmade beds made out of cotton, natural fibres and date leaves

Cuisine of Kings

Drawing inspiration from the ancient tribes of Madhya Pradesh, Orccha, Jhansi and Datia, the food is a tribal cuisine experience you are unlikely to forget. What makes this different from the cuisines of other areas is the use of local seasonal produce and the extensive consumption of different types of millets. Bundeli food is very simple - vegetarian, made with fresh produce sourced locally and cooked over a coal fired stove. You will eat in the traditional way, seated on the floor and served in Chyola or Sal leaf plates. In earlier times, the hearth was the place where the family congregated for their meals - breakfast being called Kalewa and dinner, Byari! - while people ate the sumptuous fare, women sang while working in the kitchen and this provided the entertainment during the meal! Each recipe sourced for Bundeli Bakhri has been retrieved from the memory of an old Aunt or Granny…and if you shut your eyes, you’ll be able to feel their warmth in the food we serve. We have a simple aim with our daily menus and that is to serve traditional and classic dishes that can be exciting and comforting, both.

The Bundeli Menu

Kadhi - Prepared using gram flour and sour buttermilk with condiments like mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds etc

Ras Kheer - Pudding made from sugarcane juice and rice.

Maalpuha - Made from deep fried cake flour dough and soaked in sugar / jaggery syrup with condiments like saffron and cardamom

Maheri - Slow cooked crushed millet with buttermilk (Mahi).

Dubri - made from mahua flowers boiled with water and dry-fruits added.

Bhata Mahi bharta - Coal roasted aubergine, mashed and served with a tempering

Methi aloo / Paalak aloo / Gobi Aloo - Fresh greens and veggies from the village tossed with potatoes and a tempering

Gatte ki sabzi / Besan ka meeda - Gram flour chunks cooked in boiling water then sauted using spices and condiments.

Thadula - Deep fried flat bread made from udad dal (lentil). Laced with condiments like ginger, garlic, red chilli etc.

Badee (kaddu ki) - Sun-dried bite size, typically made during winters. Made from soaked ground udad dal, white pumpkin, spices like red chilli, ginger and asafoetida. Long survival if stored in cool and dry place used later with lentils, curried vegetables like potato, brinjal/eggplant etc.

Darbhajia - wet preparation made from lentils and one or more green leafy vegetable.

Allow us to be your guide

We’ll provide you with opportunities to enjoy a visit to a local Bundeli Village. On your Safari to the Panna National Reserve or Khajuraho, you can partake of this optional excursion. The cost is minimal and payable directly to the village elder. Just ask us at Bundeli Bakhri and we will make all the arrangements.

Should you have any other special requests for your visit, please don’t hesitate to ask us or contact our offices. You can contact us at www.bundelibakhri.com.

Or, you can speak directly with one of our specialists by calling +919810962562 or +919669666939

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